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• 2 years – 4 semesters :

The 2-year course is divided into 4 semesters. The subjects are grouped in 4 units consisting of several modules for each of the semesters. Each Unit represents a certain amount of European Credit (ECTS). These European credits are earned through the different Units, and are recognized throughout Europe and in several other countries.

• First Year: first semester (From September to January)

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  • EEA: Electricity, Electronics and Automation

• First Year: second semester (January-June) Attach:tab2.jpg Δ • Second Year: Third semester (September–January) Attach:tab3.jpg Δ Students wishing to take part in a block-release training course have the possibility to do so during this semester. In that case, they will not have to complete the project synthesis.

• Second Year: Fourth semester (Internship) During this semester, the students still have courses in the department, but they also have to complete an internship either in France or abroad. Indeed, IUT A has partnerships with universities from all-around the world including 25 European partners (see Project page for more information). Attach:tab4.jpg Δ

NB: Lecture, Group work and Practical work values in hours.