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The University of Lille 1 welcomes foreign students from all around the world!

Visit the University website for more information about studying at Lille 1.

Attach:puce.png Δ Mechanical and Production Engineering

From the idea to the finished product, Mechanical Engineering studies each step of the industrial production of a mechanical system, such as computer-aided design, the different properties associated with materials or process planning. It also means the study of mechanisms and movement in general.

Attach:puce.png Δ DUT GMP

The DUT is a 2-year university degree awarded by an Institute of Technology (IUT), divided into 4 semesters, the fourth one including an internship. The second year can also be completed in sandwich course. This diploma allows to attain many production or design-orientated jobs, and enables to work straight after graduation, but it also gives the opportunity to enrol in Engineering Schools. (see Further studies). See the Ministry of National Education programme HERE (PPN GMP ENGLISH.pdf)

Attach:puce.png Δ Job prospects: Holders of DUT GMP can find jobs in various fields such as industrial production, aeronautics, ship building, motoring, sustainable development, nuclear industry, medical engineering, sport, construction industry) and are able to integrate many industrial departments: design teams, research and development departments, engineering departments, maintenance teams, production management, or quality control departments.

Here are some examples of jobs available for a DUT GMP holder:

- projector

-micro technician


-test technician

-automation electronic technician

Attach:puce.png Δ Further Studies:

Once graduated, DUT holder can choose to go on to further studies leading to highly skilled jobs. In that case, there are mainly three ways:

- Bachelor of Engineering: Right after graduation, it is possible for students to reach the third year of a bachelor's degree.

- Vocational Bachelor: This course offers training for careers in various fields.

-Engineering School: DUT holders can also join an Engineering School right after graduation.

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